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News From The Czech Republic

Czech News 31.07.2014 - 22.07.2014

01.08.2014 07:49
CR: 31.07.2014 Czech PM meets with Austrian chancellor Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann arrived in Prague on Thursday for talks with Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka. On the agenda was the discussion of plans to improve cross-border transport infrastructure including the modernization...

Czech News 22.07.2014 - 17.07.2014

23.07.2014 07:59
CR: 22.07.2014 Zaorálek calls on Moscow to aid crash investigation and cease sending weapons and gunmen to eastern Ukraine The Czech minister of foreign affairs, Lubomír Zaorálek, says the Russian Federation should provide assistance to an independent investigation into the crash of a...

Czech pop singer fights for life after Ostrava pub brawl

18.07.2014 08:55
CR: Czech pop singer Michal Hrůza was taken to hospital in critical condition early on Thursday after sustaining a serious brain injury in a pub fight in the eastern Czech city of Ostrava. The 43-year-old musician has undergone brain surgery, but doctors say the prognosis is uncertain. Michal...

Czech military reassessing defense tactics at Bagram base amidst growing terrorist attacks

18.07.2014 08:53
CR: Czech soldiers guarding the Bagram military base in Parwan Province, Afghanistan, are repelling an increasing number of attacks from Taliban insurgents. Tuesday’ terrorist attack in the close vicinity of the base killed four Czech servicemen and a fifth, who was gravely injured in the...

Czech finance minister makes about turn on nuclear expansion

18.07.2014 08:51
CR: Only three months after the Temelin nuclear tender was scrapped, chances that the Czech Republic will swiftly restart preparations to build new reactors have revived with one of the main critics of the former Temelin tender now backing nuclear expansion. Andrej Babiš, photo: CTKFinance...

Chad Bryant: the complexities and contradictions of Czech nationalism under Nazi rule

18.07.2014 08:51
CR: A vast amount has been written about the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia during the German occupation, but we tend to focus on the more dramatic events – the occupation itself, the assassination of the Nazi ruler Reinhard Heydrich or the destruction of the villages of Lidice and...

Minister of Industry and Trade counts half year achievements

18.07.2014 08:49
CR: Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka continued his ministry tour on Wednesday with a stop off at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, under the tutelage of fellow Social Democrat Jan Mládek. Jan Mládek, photo: Filip JandourekThere is little doubt that the ministry was very much a second...
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